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ORE’s patent pending ECO system allows investors to cancel their loosing trades, and get their money back. The concepts of money-back-guarantee, or product warranty are common practice in the retail world. The reason for this is clear, it increases buyer’s assurance, and allows sellers to maintain a trust relationship with their clients. Read more

New in ORE – Vanilla Options and strategies on Bitcoin!

Want to Buy Bitcoins? Want to protect your Bitcoin price?
Try now our Vanilla Options demo platform for Bitcoin (“BTC”)

We at ORE are studying the future prices for this unconventional currency. Pricing BTC vanilla options is not straight forwards as it’s a new and a very volatile instrument. ORE is using advanced mathematical models and techniques to try and infer future behavior of BTC.

Using ORE’s Bitcoin vanilla options, BTC traders and holders can get a glimpse into bitcoin future prices and volatility.

Try vanilla options bitcoin demo trading here.

This demo is free and available for all!
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ORE Pricing Lab

ORE Pricing lab is the core of ORE,  implementing cutting-edge methodologies  developed specifically for our set of products, our Quants team is looking constantly to create accurate pricing  Read more

what we do
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Euro Stalls Rally as G7 and Political Woes Put the Brakes on Currency’s rise

Euro opened the week remaining within a tight range, between 1.11899 and 1.11708. The markets are looking for more information as to the timing of the much talked about QE tapering. The Euro area economy boosted by economic growth in Germany seems on track to see higher inflation at levels close to the ECB target… Read More

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WOW! It happened! Donald Trump stunned the world, and sent many investors back to their drawing boards. Not to mention the many traders that would have been licking their wounds after having bet heavily on a win for Hilary Clinton. But the story for investors using ORE’s ECO on this night was slightly different to… Read More

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Cable yesterday remained within its well defined range created over the past 10 trading sessions, with a day high of 1.22804 and a low of 1.22045. It also managed to close higher than the previous session for a third consecutive increase; which is the first time in a month, when Sterling was trading above 1.3000… Read More

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ORE ECO Implementation - dealCancellation is now live

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